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Avoid the Roadblocks to Your Business's Growth

It seems like you're referring to "video conferencing," but the term might be misspelled. Video conferencing is a technology that allows individuals or groups in different locations to communicate and interact in real-time using video and audio connections. It's commonly used for remote meetings, virtual collaboration, and online learning. Here's an overview of video conferencing


Product launches may be extremely laborious and expensive, especially if they need to be conducted globally. With the ability to launch the product anywhere in the globe with borderless, lifelike visual quality, thanks to HD video conferencing solutions. They enable you to attract your ideal customer at a fraction of the price you had originally planned.

As a business owner, you want to have the greatest employees on your team and utilise them to their full potential. Businesses invest a lot of money in hiring and training, which requires their representatives to travel throughout the nation. All of it can be done via video conferencing solutions from a single place, producing excellent outcomes at a very low cost.

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A 24/7 business is very difficult to run. At Proactive, we get the suffering that comes with spending sleepless nights building your business and spreading the success message. You may attend conferences from your computer and meet with clients without squandering valuable time on trip thanks to video conferencing solutions.

The ability to travel for each closing meeting is not always simple. You wouldn't want your business to suffer just because you can't travel. With the use of video conferencing solutions, you may break down barriers and connect with others by seeing, hearing, and seeing them face-to-face. Additionally, it only takes a click of a button to add new team members if necessary during a meeting.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Today, every industry from business and education to medicine uses video conferencing solutions. Regardless of their location or time zone, thousands of people may connect and communicate more quickly. Don't wait for your rival to take the lead; instead, implement video conferencing solutions early and seize the market. You may cut your travel costs by roughly 87% if you play your cards well and invest in the best option.


Viewsonic & Newline Video Conferencing Solutions

With interactive video conferencing systems, meeting spaces—from boardrooms to huddle spaces—can be transformed into collaborative hubs.

Bring colleagues together, whether they are in the office or working remotely, for increased productivity and cooperation. ViewSonic & Newline video conferencing systems are designed for quick setup, user-friendliness, and seamless interaction with your existing hardware and software.

Collaborative Environment

The ideal collaboration tool to provide adaptable, effective working environments for remote workforces is a ViewSonic & Newline display. Ordinary meeting rooms may become amazing communication centres thanks to enhanced touch capabilities, sharp resolution, breathtaking brightness, and wireless screen casting. There are other non-touch choices available.

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AV Compatible

Connect your AV or IT system invisibly to your ViewSonic & Newline monitors and accessories. Take advantage of integration with business conferencing programmes like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Cisco Webex.

Flexible Solutions

Whether you want to use a huge boardroom or a tiny huddle space, create a rich, collaborative video conferencing solution for your environment. ViewSonic & Newline enables you to create a video conferencing solution that is ideal for everyone with products including cameras, speakerphones, mobile carts, and big format screens.

Meeting Room
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High-quality screens in a variety of sizes and with good resolution for all settings:

A complete selection of business displays, ePosters, and interactive displays perfect for kiosks, navigation, and meeting rooms

To customise your display needs, accessories include carts, mounts, and video and audio peripherals.


A wide range of software choices, including deployment of signs and device management.

With myViewBoard Manager, you can set up, manage, and maintain your collection of displays.

A network of partners in third-party signage software offers specialised solutions to meet your demands.

Digital whiteboarding and screen sharing are made simple with the myViewBoard software bundle.

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ViewSonic is committed to providing clients with the finest calibre goods, which is why we provide extensive manufacturer warranties and an unmatched


Customer support staff.

Competent customer service staff

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